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MATRIX Labs Talks - Episode 02

Hey everyone! How are you doing?

Today is the day! We'll continue the MATRIX Labs Talks. For the ones who doesn't know what this is, that's a little explanation:

MATRIX Labs Talks are presentations created by AdMobilize Brazil Team and the Club4Work community. The main objective of these talks is spread the knowledge and the secound one is pratice more english. Everyone is free to join and submit talks.

Let's have a good time! .o/

This will happend today 6pm (Salvador local time).



Hello World - MATRIX Style

So, we all know how to make a Hello World in aaaaaaaaall kind of languages. But, today, in this Episode 01, The Phantom Menace, we will try to make an app using the MATRIX. If everything goes wrong, at least we gonna blink some leds and well, that's all for this episode folks!